Current Board

President: Leo Buchner
Secretary: Konstantin Ikonomou
Treasurer: Nicolò Novello
Executive Member Social Media: Jagadeesh Poola
Executive Member Excursions: Tobias Petry
The Board of EUROAVIA Munich is a body of elected members leading the local group for a period of two semesters. It consists of three board seats: President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and the Treasurer also hold the offices of 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents of the society. If necessary the Board can appoint Executive Members who support the work of the board. Feel free to contact all board members directly via

Board 2016/2017

President: Adnan Muslić
Secretary: Caroline Lösch
Treasurer: Jan Bilicki

Board 2015/2016

President: Henrik Roß
Secretary: Caroline Lösch
Treasurer: Florian Neuberger

Board 2014/2015

President: Alexander Heilmann
1st Vice President: Iason Bausewein
2nd Vice President: Katharina Krieger
Secretary: Johannes Stadler
Treasurer: Stefan Weber

Board 2013/2014

President: Robert Sebald
1st Vice President: Marcel Börner
2nd Vice President: Iason Bausewein
Secretary: Robert Sebald

Board 2012/2013

President: William Strauch
1st Vice President: Robert Sebald
2nd Vice President: Iason Bausewein
Secretary: Daniel Schneiderbauer
Treasurer: Daniel Zimmermann

Board 2011/2012

President: Daniel Schneiderbauer
1st Vice President: Philipp Nguyen
2nd Vice President: Michael Haase
Secretary: William Strauch
Treasurer: Stefan Hager

Board 2010/2011

President: Markus Geiser
1st Vice President: Martin Kerler
2nd Vice President: William Strauch
Secretary: Philipp Nguyen
Treasurer: Stefan Hager