In the spring of 2020 EUROAVIA Munich will have the honor to host the “Train New Trainers” as our next International Event. It will be the 4th TNT within the Euroavia Training System (ETS). The TNT is a co-production by both Euroavia Munich and the ETS. The organization team will be provided by Euroavia Munich and the Trainer Team will be provided by the ETS on the part of EUROAVIA International. Euroavia Munich has already created most of the framework, that we need for the Event. Catering and accommodation, as well as the special activities (such as a final dinner, a city tour and a cultural night), are the responsibility of the organizers.


During the event, the participants will be taught a basic set of soft skills. They will receive a package that will bring close the field of soft skills in its entire extent. They will graduate and receive a certificate that qualifies them to be trainer within the ETS or other YNGOs.

This will be the 4th TNT. The first TNT came about with a Trainer Team, that was only composed by external trainers  of other YNGOs. Formerly known as the Leadership Workshop the new-formed ETS quickly decided to rename the event to TNT. This and the addition of a focus on building a larger, multi-generation trainer team ensured, that we are about to build our fourth Trainer Generation now. For the TNT 2020, we have the goal to appoint a Trainer Team, that is solely composed of Euroavia Trainers for the first time.


The implementation of this goal will serve as a commendation for the hard work during establishing the ETS. Both the Organization Team and the ETS work together with great joy on the organization of this event. We are looking forward to the next months of organizing and obviously even more to the successful event itself.

Some at Euroavia say, that the TNTis the most personal International Event. Students work here not only on a foundation that is essential for success in their professional life but also on a personal level on their skills and behavior.


The ETS’ motivation is it to extend their Trainer Pool and longterm goals, such as the opportunity to give a training session at every International Event. We are fundamentally convinced, that, through making soft skills accessible to every Euroavia member, we can move our international community ever closer together. This way we can make sure, that we provide our highly dedicated students with a basic but essential set of skills.

For Applicants:

Number of Participants:


The total number of participants will not exceed 20.




The participation fee is set to 150€. The participants will each pay the participation fee, the six trainers are excluded from that obligation. The participation fee covers 9 nights, each days standard, provided meals and transportation (if necessary). In addition to that the Final Dinner will also be included in the participation fee.


All costs exceeding the aforementioned will be covered by each participant himself. Also, the participants will pay the travel costs to the Munich themselves.


The accommodation for participants, that wish to arrive early or stay longer (e.g. attend the physical meeting), will not be covered by AS Munich. However, solutions at the organizers places might be able to come up. So feel free to contact us for that.


The payment information will be provided to the participants via email, once confirmed.

Application Rules:


Priority will be given to the first 1-2 members of each (P)AS/AM. The selection criteria will NOT be “First Come, First Served”. Therefore, please be aware of a good application. There is no need to hurry during the first round of applications. Every application will be checked thoroughly. Motivation and Openness to this event will be key criteria of the selection process.


9th of January 2020 at 20:00 UTC:


The first round of applications start. To promote diversity, priority will be given to the first 1-2 members of each (P)AS.


23rd of January 2020 at 20:00 UTC:


The first round of applications is closed.


If at this point there are vacancies, a second round of applications will start, in which a second-third person of each (P)AS will be accepted, also applying the selection criteria described above.


30th of January 2020 at 20:00 UTC:


A second round of application starts. A maximum of 2/3 people per (P)AS will be accepted.


13th of February 2020 at 20:00 UTC:

The second round of applications is closed.


If at this point there are vacancies, the vacancies will be filled with applicants, that were blocked from admission because of the (P)AS Participant Limit, if they also fulfilled the aforementioned selection criteria.

Cancellation Rules:


30th of January 2020 at 23:59 UTC


Deadline for free cancellation. 25% of the fee (37,50€) must be paid if the participant cancels after this date.


13th of February 2020 at 23:59 UTC


After this date, the applicant will pay 50% of the fee (75€).


27th of February 2020 at 23:59 UTC


After this date, the applicant will pay the entire fee (150€).


Participants on the waiting list that are admitted in the second round of applications or due to a cancellation will have one (1) week of free cancellation from the moment the email of their acceptance is sent.


After this week, the cancellation fee will be according to the periods listed above.




As soon as the application starts, the application link will appear here:


  Click here to apply!  


Please fill out the form carefully. Not only is this important for your admission to the event, but this also makes it possible for us to design the event in regard of your needs.