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EUROAVIA Munich is a local chapter of the European Association of Aerospace Students, focusing on connecting aerospace engineering students through events and activities.

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EUROAVIA Munich is thrilled to present a captivating lineup of events, with one engaging activity per week during lecture time. Don’t miss out – check our schedule and join us in experiencing the dynamic world of aerospace.

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EUROAVIA Munich, a dynamic hub within the global EUROAVIA network, is a passionate community of aviation enthusiasts. Our members aspire to explore the boundless possibilities of aerospace engineering and technology. Through collaborative initiatives, engaging events, and a spirit of continuous learning, EUROAVIA Munich cultivates an environment where individuals grow, connections thrive, and dreams take flight. Join us as we collectively build the wings of our futures!

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Becoming a member of Euroavia Munich offers aerospace engineering students a unique opportunity to join a dynamic community that fosters professional growth, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. Through a range of events and activities, members gain access to valuable industry insights, networking opportunities, and a supportive platform for developing essential skills in their field.

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