EUROAVIA International

The European Association of Aerospace Students is a non-political and non-profit association, representing the interests of over 2000 students from 42 universities in 18 European countries. Established in 1959, EUROAVIA builds a bridge between companies, universities and students. Its goals are to promote European cooperation in the aerospace field by providing opportunities for our members to meet, exchange and learn on all levels and to acquaint student members with their future working environment by stimulating contact with the industry. There are three main bodies of EUROAVIA: The Affiliated Societies (AS) build the heart of the EUROAVIA network; The International Board (IB) leads and represents EUROAVIA on the international level; The International Working Groups (IWG) take care of specific long term projects. Official Website


Under the governing body of EUROAVIA International, the AS Munich has been part of the large network since 1985 and is still enrooted at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). With about 70 alumni of our local group, thereof a large amount still present in the Munich metropolitan area and its aerospace cluster, our AS is well – connected to respective institutions and companies in and around its home university. With currently about 40 members, we represent a strong group of TUM aerospace students with similar interests and goals, who want to promote their common fascination. Therefore, we organize workshops, soft skills trainings and company tours in cooperation with the aerospace industry. Keep an eye on our Events page or our Facebook page.


Our mission is strong international network, social competence and expertise.

Our members have the opportunity to participate in various international events and programes organized by EUROAVIA and our partner organizations. Working together with international EUROAVIA members, they gain strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

Build the wings of your future!

International Events 

The Affiliated Societies (AS) organize various events for EUROAVIA members across the Europe. These include: Congress Meetings, Fly-Ins, Symposia, Design Workshops, Formation Workshops and Leadership Workshops. There is also an opportunity to visit famous airshows, ILA Berlin and Paris Air Show Le Bourget. To find out where and when our next international event will be taking place, please check our Events Page or Events Calendar of EUROAVIA International.

Local Events

One of our local events is the “Stammtisch”, where our members come together to spend an entertaining evening. Furthermore, we also organize working meetings, in which our members work on internal projects as well as make presentations and share their experiences from international events. You can find out the exact time and location of our upcoming meetings under Events or visit our Facebook Page.