Joining EUROAVIA Munich connects aerospace students to a vibrant network, fostering international collaboration and providing professional development through various events. Membership offers access to industry professionals, mentorship opportunities, and practical experience in hands-on projects. The organization’s social and cultural events create a sense of community, while leadership roles enable the development of organizational and leadership skills. EUROAVIA Munich thus offers a comprehensive experience, blending academic, professional, and social aspects for aerospace enthusiasts.

Your Rights and Obligations as Member

  1. Priority to attend all events*
  2. Early access to the registrationphase
  3. Take part in member-exclusive events*
  4. Unlimited access to all local events*
  5. Access to EUROAVIA International events**
  6. Right to apply for travel support***

*** EUROAVIA München e.V. Application Rules apply
*** EUROAVIA International Application Rules apply
*** EUROAVIA München e.V. Travel Support Rules apply

  1. Attend the annual meeting
  2. Pay the semestral membership fee of 10€
  3. Notify EUROAVIA Board in case of exit from EUROAVIA Munich (e.g. end of Study)
  4. Represent the association in an appropriate manner


Fill out the membership form and sign it.


Send a copy to our email .


Transfer the membership fee to our bank account.


We will contact you to start your onboarding journey!

Important Documents

EUROAVIA München e.V. – Membership Form

EUROAVIA München e.V. – Statutes (only in German)

EUROAVIA München e.V. – Bylaws (only in German)

EUROAVIA International – Statutes

EUROAVIA International – Bylaws