The structure of EUROAVIA Munich is designed to ensure democratic representation and active member involvement. The Board, consisting of the President, Secretary, and Treasurer, is directly elected by the members during the annual meeting. Simultaneously, extended board positions are voted on, serving as recommendations to the Board, which retains the final decision-making authority in appointing these positions.

Within this framework, every member has the freedom to join one of the working groups overseen by the extended board positions. Notably, contributions are especially encouraged in the Events and Activities Working Group as well as the Communication Working Group. Members interested in initiatives of their own are encouraged to reach out directly. This structure emphasizes a collaborative approach, allowing members to actively shape and contribute to the various aspects of EUROAVIA Munich’s activities and initiatives.

Get Involved: Join One of Our Working Groups

Discover the heart of EUROAVIA Munich through our vibrant Working Groups (WGs). From communication strategies to event planning and website development, our WGs drive the pulse of our association’s activities.

Communication WG

Shaping our social media strategy and ensuring effective communication among all our members.

Events & Activities WG

Planning and executing engaging events and activities for members.

Website WG

Maintaining and developing the association’s online platform for easy access to information and resources.