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Guest Lecture: Flight Testing of Control Systems for UAVs

On Monday 23.01.23 EUROAVIA Munich had the pleasure to invite Amazilia Aerospace GmbH to our campus in Garching. In a guest lecture Dr.-Ing. Simon Schatz, head of Flight Controls, talked about flight tests of control systems for UAVs to about 30 interested students of TUM. Afterwards there was a small networking session accompanied by some snacks.


What was the guest lecture about?
In the lecture, Dr.-Ing. Simon Schatz, Head of Flight Control, gave an insight into the flight testing of UAV control systems and how Amazilia implements them on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A cargo aircraft project was used to explain the development steps and challenges of these tests. This also went along with explaining the benefits of using such systems as well as listing the measures taken to minimize the associated risks when using UAVs. Furthermore, many examples of ground and flight tests were shown to demonstrate the different types of tests at Amazilia.


What were the takeaways?
Overall, participants were pleased with the event’s content and structure. They found topics such as retrofitting manual controls on an aircraft with autopilot systems and upgrading them to remotely piloted or completely unmanned aircraft to be quite insightful. The key takeaway for the participants was a thorough overview of how some of the concepts that they learn separately during their studies are implemented in unison with each other during the UAS development process.


What is Amazilia Aerospace GmbH?
Amazilia Aerospace is a young engineering company in the heart of Munich, Germany, developing digital flight control, flight guidance, and vehicle management systems for civil manned and unmanned aircraft.
Based on a professional team with experience in various General Aviation and unmanned aircraft projects the company was founded in 2018. Together with their parent company SF Express, they are dedicated to decisively shape the future of automated aviation – an innovative and growing global market. As a full-system provider, Amazilia Aerospace focuses on the development of innovative solutions for new product designs and retro-fit applications in collaboration with international aircraft manufacturers.
The provided solutions range from development of tailored flight guidance and control laws up to design, implementation, as well as qualification of reliable systems and components to realize entirely automated operations. Due to their significance for any degree of autonomy these systems are designed, implemented, and verified in a safety-critical manner to fulfill the requirements of demanding aviation standards. More about Amazilia: .


EUROAVIA Munich thanks Amazilia and Dr.-Ing. Simon Schatz for the event and is looking forward to future cooperation.

Cooperation with EESTEC

March 2017, the local boards of EESTEC and EUROAVIA met for the first time to discuss a possible collaboration between the two societies with the aim to increase interdisciplinary teamwork among students. EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association) and EUROAVIA share similar goals in two different sectors whose collaboration has become inevitable.
During this meeting two ideas emerged, that are now further developed during the summer.

Soft Skills Training
With the support of the EUROAVIA Internal Training System (EITS) and the EESTEC Training System we plan a joint soft skill training for members of both societies. This training aims to give students of either discipline the possibility to strengthen their skills, get to know each other, and exchange experiences and ideas. For this purpose, EESTEC trainer Lida Kosti and EUROAVIA trainer Adnan Muslić will prepare an exciting day of activities. The event will likely take place in July.

Joint International Event
The second idea discussed was the possibility of organising a joint international event, a chance for local groups of both societies from all over Europe to meet in Munich and learn about an interesting topic. The topical event will concentrate on an issue that is relevant to both electrical and aeronautical/aerospace engineering students.

v.l.n.r.: Andreas Schimpe (Vice-Chairman EESTEC), Stefanie Thanner (Chairwoman EESTEC), Caroline Lösch (Secretary EUROAVIA), Adnan Muslić (President EUROAVIA)

We are looking forward to working with EESTEC!