On Monday 23.01.23 EUROAVIA Munich had the pleasure to invite Amazilia Aerospace GmbH to our campus […]
By now, drones come across the average Aerospace student regularly! On the 2nd of June, EUROAVIA […]
Since the TNT is one of the longest and most resource-intensive events, that EUROAVIA hosts, the […]
TNT stands for “Train New Trainers”. It is the largest Training-Event within the EUROAVIA Training System […]
April 2019: Euroavia Munich has set herself the goal to organize an international Event within the […]
Beginning in March EUROAVIA Munich started a collaboration with EESTEC LC Munich. The last weekend before […]
Since November 21st, EUROAVIA München e.V. has a new local board. During the annual meeting Lucie […]
Airbus Defence and Space in Manching. The beating heart of the German aerospace industry and home […]
October 28, ten first years and members had the possibility to visit and get to know […]
18 July 2017, we had the opportunity to spend an interesting afternoon at IABG. After an […]